Maximize Your Revenue With Our Smart Platform Which Have Global Ads Connectivity.

Monetize Your Inventory With AdsBing's Smart RTB Platform.


Ad Inventory Optimization

Increase Your Revenue , Earn More With AdsBing's Optimized System. We Combine The RTB Technology With Particular Algorithm Designs Which Work Together To Increase The Revenue Accordingly For Each Publishers Traffic Quality Type.

High Fill Rate

Monetize Your Mobile Traffic In A Broad Range Of Countries (Global), We Help You In Increase Revenue By Delivering Relevant Network Ads, Banners And Text Ads. Our Publishers Have Detailed Performance And Earnings Data With Real Time Reporting And Analytics.

Multiple Type Campaigns

We Work With Many Types Of Ads, Which Make Us To Have A Smart Logic For Serving Different Types Of Mobile Ads And Giving The Possibility To Our Publishers To Select The Right Type Of Campaigns & Promotion Types i.e. CPI , CPC , CPA , CPS

Particular Settings

Our AdsBing System Is Designed To Have Particular Settings For Each Type Of Inventory In Mobile Web Sites. Monetize Both Type Of Traffic Web Or Traffic From Mobile Sites And Adopt The Right Logic And Ad Serving Type To Gain The Best Revenue & Performances.

Simple Integration

Our Integration Process is easy
Use Our JavaScript/PHP Ad Code For Integarion and Paste it on your website where you want to show ads.
Steps Are Simple: Copy & Paste.

Enjoy With AdsBing

Global Mobile Ads - High Fill Rate , Maximum Earnings
Fast Weekly Payouts - Every Monday
CPC, CPA, CPI, CPS Campaigns - Control For CPI Campaigns
Fast Ad Response - Between 0.1-0.5 Milliseconds